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Peoples Gas is taking energy efficiency to the streets. We are committed to saving energy, lowering fuel costs and reducing harmful emissions through the use of natural gas fueled vehicles.

Natural Gas Vehicles
Peoples Gas is working to make sustainable transportation a reality in the communities we serve. In fact, our parent company TECO Energy has made the exploration of alternative fuel vehicles one if its strategic initiatives. Peoples Gas is building a fleet that includes these natural gas vehicles: Honda Civic GX sedans, Ford Fusion sedans, Ford F150 and F250 pickups and Ford E350 vans. Peoples Gas' involvement in , ,  and the Southeastern NGV Corridor Initiative are all part of our commitment to expanding the use of natural gas vehicles and providing fueling infrastructure.

Join us on the Blog!

Want more information about sustainability? Keep tabs on our blog, where you'll find posts on the latest news, events we'll sponsor, places we'll be in the community and more.

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