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Please note: Rebate applications must be submitted from a desktop or laptop computer. Entries submitted from mobile devices cannot be processed at this time.

Keep comfortable – warm in the winter and cool in the summer – while saving energy and money with natural gas heating and cooling options for your home. To get you started with replacing or upgrading your home's current heating or cooling equipment, we offer several rebate options designed to help offset the cost of purchase and installation.

Rebate allowances are effective for appliances installed on or after August 1, 2021.
Appliances installed prior to August 1, 2021 will be issued according to the prior approved allowances below.†w

Available Home Heating & Cooling Rebates include:
Please note any rebate paid cannot exceed the total cost of equipment, installation, and any associated piping and/or venting costs.

Natural Gas Heating and Cooling Options Replacing Electric Replacing Natural Gas Replacing Oil*

Gas Furnace

$725 $500 $330

Space Heating

$65 $0 Up to $330

Gas Space Conditioning**

$500 per ton $150 per ton $0

*Rebates for replacing oil appliances with natural gas appliances will no longer be available after Dec. 31, 2021.
**In order to qualify for the Gas Space Conditioning rebate, you must be billed on the GHP rate.

To qualify for our Home Heating & Cooling Rebates, you must be an active Peoples Gas customer or a landlord of a rental property with Peoples Gas service. Your qualifying equipment must be a new natural gas appliance. If you are purchasing a gas furnace, it must include a thermostatically controlled vented system with blower.

Please note: The following will not qualify for a rebate:

  • Fire logs, fire pits and fireplaces
  • Portable space heating equipment
  • Used or refurbished appliances
  • Appliances purchased from Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, Salvation Army, eBay or any other thrift stores
Rebate allowances prior to 8/1/2021
Natural Gas Appliance WordStr Electric with Natural Gas WordStr Natural Gas with Natural Gas WordStr Oil with Natural Gas

Tank Water Heating

$500 $350 $0

High Efficiency Tank Water Heating

$550 $400 $0

Tankless Water Heating

$675 $550 $0

Central Heating or Wall Furnace

$725 $500 Up to $330


$200 $100 $0

Clothes Drying

$150 $100 $0

Space Heating

$65 $0 Up to $330

Gas Space Conditioning $150 per ton

Request a rebate
Click on one of the buttons below to begin your rebate application. Be sure to have electronic copies of your sales invoice(s) and receipt(s) ready to upload. Invoices and receipts for purchase and installation must be marked "Paid in Full" or display a "0" balance. To avoid any inconvenience, please save your application at the bottom of the electronic application. The application will be saved for a maximum of 10 days.
Appliance Years Required Between Rebates Number of Same Appliance Rebates Allowed


5 1

Cooking Equipment

5 2

Tank Water Heater

6 2

 Tank Water Heater

6 2

Tankless Water Heater

10 2


10 2

Space Heating

5 2

Gas Space Conditioning

5 2
Making false statements on any Peoples Gas rebate application is punishable by law. Any and all funds determined, in Peoples Gas sole discretion, to have been acquired on the basis of fraudulent or misrepresented information must be returned to the Program. Peoples Gas may refuse payment and participation if the signatory(ies), applicant(s), or customer(s) violate program standards. Peoples Gas is not liable for rebates promised to customers as a result of a contractor misrepresenting the program. Customer has up to 12 months from the date of appliance purchase to submit for energy conservation rebates. Peoples Gas reserves the right to verify the equipment installation prior to payment of rebates. Peoples Gas reserves the right to require pre-verification for program eligibility under certain circumstances. Peoples Gas may schedule and conduct a post-installation verification prior to payment of any rebate. The actual rebate amount will be determined based on the verification and may vary from the original estimate.

Email or call 813-228-4755 with any questions.

Check the status of a rebate

To access an existing rebate application, select the appropriate link below. After selecting, simply enter the confirmation number you received when you initially submitted your application. This will allow you to check the status and make any changes if needed. If the application shows processed and closed, please allow 7-14 business days to receive a check.

If you have any questions call 813-228-4755 or email

Find out if natural gas is available near you

Check our  or call us at 877-832-6747 to find out if natural gas is available to you.

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