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Residential Equipment Leasing

Never pay another repair bill again.
With everything on your to-do list, stressing about the repair or replacement of home energy equipment shouldn't be one of them. Here's a worry-free solution that covers all preventative maintenance expense, labor, installation, repair bills – even emergency repairs and replacement costs – for one affordable monthly payment. Is it time to replace or upgrade your home energy equipment?

Zero money down. Low monthly payments. Worry-free protection.

  • No upfront down payment
  • Immediate energy savings
  • 100% coverage on parts and labor
  • Coverage on emergency repairs
  • Responsive emergency service
  • One consistent and affordable monthly payment

Take the stress out of:

  • Water Heaters and Softeners
  • Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Equipment
  • Space Heaters
  • Fireplaces
  • Standby Generators

Don't worry about the upfront expense

Simply choose the equipment make and model that's right for your home. You can even include costs for interior gas piping to complete the installation.

Tank Water Heater
Water heater, installation, and full-coverage for the term of the lease - as low as $15.99/month

Tankless Water Heater
Water heater, installation, and full-coverage for the term of the lease - as low as $29.99/month

Whole Home Natural Gas Generator
Dependable emergency power for around $222 per month

Water Filtration System
Clean, soft water as low as $58.99/month

Payment terms, lease-to-own and upgrade options available. Take advantage of low monthly payments plus cash in with Peoples Gas energy conservation rebates, too!

Natural Gas Water Heater
Up to $700

Natural Gas Furnace
Up to $725

Terms and conditions are administered through Grand HVAC Leasing, an unregulated affiliate of Peoples Gas.

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