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  • Operates as long as the power is out, never needs refueling
  • Permanent installation for quiet, safe operation
  • Provides power to several appliances or entire home
  • Costs 40% less to operate than gasoline-powered generators

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  • Availability in a variety of kW sizes
  • Fast, safe, automatic operation
  • Reliable, long-term operation
  • Ability to operate whole house
  • Comes on instantly when power goes out
  • Fueled by continuous flow of natural gas
Get Started
  1. Call Peoples Gas at 877 TECO PGS to find out if energy saving natural gas is available for your home.
  2. Choose your natural gas appliance(s).
  3. Select an installing contractor. Find a listing for your area.

*If you are considering a natural gas standby generator, your first step should be to check with your natural gas utility about gas availability and capacity.

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